Upgrading from 7.0+ or the Trial Version

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Upgrading your UBB™ 7.0+ forum is a fairly easy process, however if you are daunted by this task we do offer our services to perform the upgrade for you.

Note: If you are currently running a version prior to 7.0, you will need to follow the steps in this document to upgrade.

Before you Begin

Before you actually begin the upgrade process you will want to make a backup of your existing UBB™ database as well as your UBB™ installation. You may need these in case anything goes wrong during the upgrade and you need to start over.

Performing the Upgrade

  • Download the latest version of UBB™ from the Member Area.
  • Extract the upgrade files, using a program like WinZip to unzip the distribution zip.

  • Use your UBB™ control panel to turn your board off.

  • Connect to your server using your FTP client. Navigate the client to your current UBB™ installation directory.

  • Upload all files and directories from the unzipped UBB™ directory to the UBB™ installation directory, except for the includes, styles, and cache_builders/custom directories. You will want to upload all of the .php files within the cache_builders directory, just make sure not to upload the custom directory or files within it. When upgrading to 7.57 you may need to upload the styles/admin.css and styles/common.css files individually.

  • Verify that permissions on any newly uploaded files are correct for your server platform. Please review the full installation instructions for a reminder on necessary permissions.

  • Bring up the "install/upgrade.php" script with your web browser. If the normal URL to your UBB™ installation is:
    then you will find install/upgrade.php at:

  • Enter your main administrator login name and password to begin the upgrade process.

  • On the first screen in the upgrade process, you will be presented with any special upgrade notes for this version. You should write down these notes for later reference.

    Also on this first screen is a list of changed, new, and deleted files. Click the "Check Files" button to verify that the files have been uploaded, and attempt to remove the unneeded files.

  • On the next screen, you should be provided with a list of files. There may be error messages here stating that files were not the correct version, files were missing, or unneeded files were not properly deleted.

    Before clicking the "Check Files Again" button, manually check each file to ensure that it is either the correct version, present if required, or missing if not required. If there is no "Check Files Again" button, proceed to the next step.

  • Once all of the proper files are in place, the button should read "Proceed to next step." Click it.

  • The next screen will list the changes to the language files. If you uploaded a new copy of the "languages" directory in an earlier step, click the "I have updated my language files by hand" button. Otherwise, click the "Update my language files" button.

    Note: If the update process appears to time out (returns a blank screen), hit the refresh / reload button in your browser to try again. The process will pick up from where it left off. If you are unable to continue past this step, please contact UBB Support.

  • Once the language files have been updated, you will see a "Proceed to next step" button. Click it.

  • The next screen may take a few moments to load. You should see a list of about steps, along with a brief description of what the step does, and the result. Verify that the result for each step is "OK"

    If a step returns "FAILED" instead of "OK", please carefully copy down the exact error message provided with the failure, and contact UBB Support for further assistance.

    At the bottom of this page should be "Finished updating to version", the version number you are upgrading to, then a link titled "Continue to next step." Click the link.

    If you do not see the link, please wait a few minutes, then click the refresh / reload button in your browser to try again. The process will pick up where it left off.

    Note: Each of these steps alters the current table structure. If the alters did not complete, you should try to ensure that there are no alters running before reloading the page. If you use phpMyAdmin or another database administration tool, use the "Show Processes" function to do this. You may need to ask your web hosting provider to do this for you.

  • The next screen should notify you that the upgrade is complete. After removing the "install" directory from the server, click the "Return to Forums" link on this page. You should now log in to your board and examine the control panel for new functionality.